We work with small publishers and some of the biggest sites on the web. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best ad solutions and publisher support in the industry. Our goal is to grow with our publishers and build lasting relationships.

Have you ever tried to ask Google or another ad network a question about your account? It is almost impossible to get an answer. We are a people driven company. You can always reach us if you have any questions about our ads or your publisher account. We are here to help you with your advertising so you can focus on your website's visitors and content.

Adcito Features
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Detailed Reports and Dashboard
  • Real-Time Bidding
  • CPM Campaigns
  • Audience Targeting
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Display Ads
  • Contextual Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile Ads




Adcito is an online advertising partner that helps publishers grow their revenues and website value. We accomplish this by providing a wide range of advertising solutions and tools backed by our drive to help publishers exceed their goals.

We believe in growing relationships with our publishers through support, education and personal interaction. What makes us different is not just our higher publisher revenues but also our commitment to being of service to our publishers.


We are dedicated to providing the very best publisher experience. This includes a personal account representative along with a full team of in-house ad operations and technical support experts. Adcito was built from day one to be the publisher's agency.

Our team is ready to put their experience and knowledge to work for you. We want you to think of us as your ad partner and not just another ad network. Our foundation is our people and their commitment to helping you.


We offer a wide range of ad solutions and technologies. We utilize AppNexus cloud-based ad serving platform that was built from the ground up to serve all of your real-time advertising needs. We have also added custom technology to the AppNexus platform to help us serve publisher specific needs.

The heart of our ad serving technology is our Real-time bidding platform. This technology passes information about your website and each visitor to a real-time marketplace where hundreds or our ad partners compete in real-time to serve their ads. This competition increases your revenue.


Adcito is people driven company. We are passionate about helping our publishers grow their websites. We channel our knowledge, experience and technology into creating an environment where publishers always come first.

Adcito provides you with a personal account representative to answer your questions and offer feedback on your performance. We are dedicated to offering you the level of service that automated systems and outsourced customer service cannot achieve. We build relationships with our publishers.