We are committed to helping our publishers grow their websites. We know that increased revenue is always helpful but it is not the only way we help. We also provide tools and knowledge that help you understand your website, your visitors and how the advertising industry interacts with your website. These resources include some self-guided tools like our knowledge base and how-to videos as well as interactive tools like our webinars and personal support services.

Adcito Publisher Resources
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Detailed Reports and Dashboard
  • Real-Time Bidding
  • CPM Campaigns
  • Audience Targeting
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Display Ads
  • Contextual Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile Ads





Knowledge Base

The Adcito Knowledge Base is designed to be a quick reference source for our publishers. You can use our Knowledge Base to research industry terms or get answers to commonly asked questions from our publishers.

The Adcito knowledge base is updated publisher resource. We update the Knowledge Base as the adtech industry evolves and publisher needs change. We are dedicated to providing our publishers with the most up to date and comprehensive sources for information.


Adcito Webinars are a chance for us to bring the movers and shakers of the adtech industry into a forum for them to interact with our publishers. Our industry is constantly changing and evolving. Our Webinars give you a chance to learn how these changes will effect your website.

Our Webinars also provide us with a platform to explain and demonstrate new technologies with our publishers. This gives you the opportunity to stay on top of the latest industry technologies as well as ask questions about how these changes can best fit your needs.

How-to Videos

Adcito How-to Videos are a collection of videos we use to demonstrate features of our services and explain how to use them. These videos are designed to be a quick reference source for our publishers and work well alongside our Knowledge Base.

Our How-to videos cover topics ranging from how to install our ad tags to how our real-time bidding platform works. We are always adding new videos to help our publishers understand not only our services but also the adtech industry.

Personal Account Manager

Adcito is people driven company. We are passionate about helping our publishers grow their websites. We channel our knowledge, experience and technology into creating an environment where publishers always come first.

Adcito provides you with a personal account representative to answer your questions and offer feedback on your performance. We are dedicated to offering you the level of service that automated systems and outsourced customer service cannot achieve. We build relationships with our publishers.